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Learning Coding .

Learning “how to code” is the buzz phrase we might say for computational thinking. We are not trying to create a new generation of 100 percent computer programmers but understanding the basics of coding, computational thinking and general tech literacy is essential to becoming an active part of our communities and the future workforce. Now, let’s look at the top three reasons, in my mind, why learning how to code is essential for a brighter tomorrow: • Why coding is crucial for the future of businesses • Computational Thinking = creative problem solving • Resilience = determination that no challenge will be unanswered • Diversity and Equality = better technology and therefore a better world

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The Need of Future Generation

The future generation will hold jobs we can’t even dream up yet - How will those jobs come about? Who will create them? What will happen to the old jobs? Where will those jobs be? Not to worry, these “new” jobs are just an evolution of the way we work and the things we do now. Remember Starbucks before it had automatically printed drink tickets? We would just write the drink order on the cup with a big black sharpie. These little advancements bit by bit transform the role of the barista - and these little tech advancements can be seen in every industry if we just take the time to keep an eye out for them.

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Coding for Early Childhood Education

Early life experiences often shape our future interests which is why it is the responsibility of early years educatorsto broaden the horizons of young children, and to change the stigma around girls in technology through the use of fun, engaging learning tools.

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